Craft Beer...

...just like us

When trying to define craft beer, each beer lover has his own unique interpretation and story of discovery. Part of the definition is that each individual brand is unique.

American craft brewers  are independently owned, have distinctive individual approaches, and maintain a  high level of integrity.  Just like us.

We have a HUGE selection of American and imported beers. Our staff is a big part of the craft beer movement and would be happy to share their wisdom.


..."magic" in a glass!

Whether you're a wine aficionado  or a novice, you will find a diverse selection of quality wines at competitive prices.

Wine is personal. We have unique and individual tastes and there is no right or wrong to what we like. Tell us what you do and don't like and we will be happy to offer you our suggestions. We provide a friendly ear without pretense or condescension.

We are a group of people who understand that in the end, drinking wine can be about magic!

...lets taste!

Michigan, yes ,Michigan, is at the forefront of the craft spirit and cocktail movement and we know a good thing when we see it (and taste it)!  

Craft distilleries are popping up all over Michigan and many are winning national and international awards. The cocktail craze knows no boundaries.

We are proud to carry all of the local libations as well as the timeless standards. Join us for one of our Friday Night Lights spirits tastings...let's taste!