Big Bang for the Bucks!
$ 6.99 Specials: Wines from Spain, Far from Ordinary - Olé!
There's a modern Spain that's still being discovered and wine has kept pace, generating an explosion of new wines, wineries, brands, and regions that is unprecedented in vinous history. Spain's wines are booming with unprecedented quality, diversity and, at $ 6.99, value!
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The Dirty Dozen!
We call it the dirty dozen but it's really $ 11.99!
We did a little Spring Cleaning to get ready for the new vintages so we've put together a dozen great wines that we're selling for the discounted price of $ 11,99 (just shy of a dozen). That's 5 great glasses of wine for $ 11.99!

Nicks Picks and Michigan Beer!

He's the man!

Next time you stop in, take a look up front and you'll find our  "Nicks Picks" and our fabulous  Michigan beer selections! Nick has put together some of his favorite wines and you never know what kind of deal he's going to come up with!  While you're perusing the aisles, check out our Michigan beer display, as well as our amazing selection of thousands of craft beers - try out a mixed six pack and see why our beer boys are proud!